“Own the

“The Christine,
        a Sloop rigged Cruising Racer”

Christine handles beautifully... in choppy waters, high wind and lazy breezes. The boat performs completely balanced with outstanding control.  Should the wind gods fail to smile on us, our reliable turbo-charged Cummings power plant propels us to our destination.

“This yacht is an absolute joy to sail!”

“Fond Memories of a Moonlit night...”

One of many fond memories is sailing Christine under spinnaker in the warm waters of Southern Mexico. As is often the case, the regatta organizers schedule races during a full moon. Christine moved almost

silent, and I remember gliding through the waves at 12 to 15 knots, with the reflection of the full moon glistening on the water. I watched a pod of dolphins swim aside the boat. They raced to catch the bow, to dash beneath it, leaving a phosphorous trail that lit the water around us. It was serene and beautiful, and forever pictured in my mind. 



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